An Innovation in CO2 Absorbents

SpiraLith™ is the only 100% lithium CO2 absorbent.

For 90 years, soda lime has been the traditional technology for protecting patients from carbon dioxide during surgery. SpiraLith is 100% lithium-based, which eliminates all the negative issues of soda lime, offering a range of benefits not possible with any other absorbent on the market.

SpiraLith™ is the only CO2 absorbent that does not desiccate.

All soda lime granules desiccate. As they dry out, they lose their absorption capacity and react with the anesthetic agent, generating toxic byproducts. SpiraLith does not desiccate because the water content in lithium is not absorbed, but chemically bound.
The advantages are significant:
  • A greater ability to absorb CO2
  • No absorption of anesthetic agent
  • No toxic byproduct generation
  • Safe to flow at all rates

SpiraLith™ is the only solid, engineered absorbent — no granules, no dust.

SpiraLith is solid lithium powder bound by a polymer matrix to form a solid sheet of absorbent. It is specifically designed with pre-formed air passages that ensure uniform cartridge use and longer duration.
Its solid construction ensures:
  • Longer cartridge duration, less waste, greater cost savings
  • Consistent, predictable performance
  • Virtually no dust
  • No "channeling"

SpiraLith is the only absorbent that eliminates all the issues of soda lime.


Now have the predictable performance they demand for the comfort and safety of patients.


Can better meet their green initiatives with the industry’s most environmentally responsible absorbent.

Purchasing departments

Can deliver significant value to their hospitals through longer cartridge durations and anesthetic agent cost savings.


Will benefit from easier, dust-free clean-ups and more predictable cartridge change-outs.