Where can I buy SpiraLith Ca?
SpiraLith Ca is available directly from Micropore and from most medical supply distributors. If you would like to place an order, or if your distributor does not carry SpiraLith Ca, please contact Micropore at 302-731-4100 or info@spiralith.com.
What are the advantages of using SpiraLith Ca over other absorbents?
SpiraLith Ca eliminates all the issues of granules, offering significant benefits for clinicians, technicians and hospitals. Because of its calcium chemistry and solid construction, it performs more predictably, lasts longer, provides increased safety for patients, staff and equipment.
Why is a solid construction better than granules?
Granular absorbents are comprised of dusty, loose pellets or granules that can shift and settle. This leads to channeling where expired air takes the path of least resistance, creating random channels that become exhausted long before the rest of the absorbent is consumed. SpiraLith Ca™ consists of absorbent powders bound together by a polymer matrix to form a solid sheet of absorbent. It is specifically designed with pre-formed air passages that eliminate channeling and ensure uniform cartridge use and longer duration.
Is SpiraLith Ca approved by the FDA?
While Micropore is registered with the FDA as the manufacturer of SpiraLith Ca, Class 1 Devices such as CO2 absorbents do not require 510(k) approval.
Can I flow below the FDA recommendations?
SpiraLith Ca allows the safe adoption of low flow anesthesia and will support each hospital’s policy related to flow rates.
Is SpiraLith Ca safe to handle?
Under DOT recommendation, Calcium Hydroxide is classified and labeled as corrosive. All absorbents are corrosive and should be handled accordingly (using rubber gloves) but SpiraLith Ca does not dust, eliminating the need for a mask.
Is SpiraLith Ca available for use outside of the U.S.?
Although SpiraLith Ca is currently not available outside the US, our plans are to eventually offer SpiraLith Ca worldwide.
Who owns Micropore?
Micropore is a privately held Delaware corporation.