SpiraLith vs. Soda Lime

  • SpiraLith
  • Does not desiccate. Greater absorption capacity.
  • Long, consistent duration. Engineered airways ensure more predictable performance and maximum utilization.
  • Increased safety. Safe to use at all fresh gas flow rates with virtually no toxic byproduct generation.
  • Significant savings on anesthetic agent costs. Does not absorb agent.
  • Protection from dust. Generates virtually no dust, safeguarding your patients, staff and high-tech equipment.
  • Environmentally responsible. Does not create toxic gases that harm the earth. Can safely flow at low rates.
  • Recycled by manufacturer. The only absorbent choice to facilitate meeting green initiatives.
  • Soda Lime Absorbents*
  • Desiccates and loses absorptive capacity.
  • Random channeling creates waste and inconsistent cartridge life spans. Unexpected failures lead to untimely change-outs.
  • Can degrade the anesthetic agent, producing compound A and carbon monoxide.
  • Absorbs 5% to 29% of costly anesthetic agent.
  • Dust irritates airways and contaminates equipment.
  • Granules require more agent that is then released into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases.
  • Disposal is costly and a burden on the environment.
  • *Soda lime includes all calcium hydroxide CO2 absorbents.